8 secret places to visit in South Moravia in summer

It has been already some time that we came back home to the Czech Republic. Therefore, in order to get our traveling soul in a happy place again, we decided to spend summer discovering the beauty of our home country.

My favorite part of Czech has always been South Moravian region, thus it hasn’t been difficult to choose a destination for our trips. Even though the majority of tourists still hasn’t discovered this part of Czech Republic,  it has a lot to offer. Me, personally I am always recommending to everyone to visit this part of the Czech Republic. 

So what are my favorite places to visit in South Moravia in summer?

1. wine tasting in wine villages

South Moravia region is famous for producing a wine. Due to its position and altitude, it has great conditions for growing all types of wine. Therefore, many people come to Moravia for wine tasting. It is possible to book a private wine tasting session in different wine cellars or visit any of a village during a wine tasting related events. Also, during a summer, wine producers in the majority of villages open wine cellars during a summer. It is quite normal, that different wine producers rotates, so at least one or two cellars are open in every village. 

wine cellars in Blatnice pod Svatym Antoninkem

Wine cellars in Blatnice pod Svatym Antoninkem.

2. cycling through vineyards

Morava region offers plenty of cycling trails that always intersect among the vineyards or wine villages. It is always fun to discover typical wine villages with folklore architecture. I can recommend a cycling trail through Palava (starting from Pasohlavky) or a trail through Hustopece. One of the most extraordinary wine cellars could be found in Vrbice, thus in case, you are planning to go around, make sure to stop there.

wine cellars in Vrbice

Wine cellars in Vrbice

3. visiting Lednice- Valtice Complex

Lednice-Valtice area is a complex of beautiful chateaux, romantic building, peaceful gardens and glittering ponds. When exploring the complex you will get back to the times of Old England understanding the aristocracy life at that time. Apart from the two castles, don’t forget to visit the Minaret or Collonade, another jewel of such a complex.

lednice-valtice complex

Lednice-Valtice complex. Source: Gray Line tours

4. visiting Buchlovice

Buchlovice is a small village, approximately 15 kilometers from Uherske Hradiste. The main sights to see are romantic chateaux with its gardens as well as a medieval castle at the top of Buchlov mountain. Get there by bike or by car and enjoy the day in nature.

buchlovice chateaux

Buchlovice chateaux. Source: Vyletnik.cz

5. Summer film festival in Uherske Hradiste

If you are a film enthusiast and you enjoy hyped atmosphere, Summer film festival in Uherske Hradiste is a place to be. Movies of all kinds are screen at different places around the town followed by a party until the early mornings hours. in 2017, it takes place in 28.7.-6.8.

6. visiting Velehrad

Velehrad is a small village close to Uherske Hradiste. It is known as the most important pilgrimage place in the Czech Republic. The main sight to see while visiting Velehrad is Basilica of Saints Cyrillus and Methodius. For pilgrimage purposes, it is recommended to visit Velehrad on 5th of July, as this day we celebrate Cyrillus and Methodius coming to Grand Moravia in the 9th century. On this day Velehrad organizes events and masses to celebrate those two heroes.


7. folklore events

Almost every village in South Morava holds folklore celebrations at least once a year. The reason for the event is usually to celebrate that the harvesting period is successfully over. The date of the event is usually given by the saint of the church. The village of Buchlovice has a Saint Martin, thus the celebration takes place in November on Martin’s name day. It is common that young generations wears a typical dress code and organizes a parade that ends with typical dancing.

folklore events

Folklore events.

8. villa Tugendhat

A UNESCO heritage villa is located in Brno, a capital of South Moravia. It is a historical building, pioneering as a first in Europe a modern architecture style. It was designed by the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. As the villa is very popular among both local and foreigners, it is necessary to book your visit in advance. For a reservation, please visit this site.


Villa Tugendhat. Source: ArchDaily

For more tips on secret places, you can follow Instagram account of ilovejiznimorava or palavazije.

Hope you like those tips. If you have other secret places that are must visit during a summer, please let me know, I would like to make this list even more complete. Enjoy summer, wine, and people in South Moravia.


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