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Who am I and why do I write this blog? My name is Johana. I am passionate traveler, pineapple, coconut and beach lover who happen to have a crush for travelling. I decided to quit my job to fulfill my dream of travelling and working location independently. So far it seems as one of the best thing that happened to me.

Together with my boyfriend, we decided to run a 6 months test of nomadic lifestyle in South East Asia.  Our first destination is Bali, and after New Year we are going to move to the north. We would like to visit Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines and Brunei. Through this blog I wanna share bits of my journey, killer spots not to miss, unforgettable moments and much more for everyone who has crush on travelling and/or is thinking of going to South East Asia one day. Subscribe for more travel and working remotely insights.

Hope that you all enjoy it <3

countries i’ve visited

So far, I have visited 24 countries out of 195 and lived in 5 out of them.  There is still a long list of countries that I madly want to see so let’s see how many of them I will be able to visit.







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