Bali in November: Month 2 of our Asia Trip

Bali in November: the adventure continues

The first month in Bali went by fast as you can read in my previous blog post, but honestly, the second one went by even faster. The official rainy season started in Bali in November, and the weather became a little bit worse than in October. Occasionally it was raining for a few hours a day, sometimes it was raining the whole day. Also some days it was cloudy with no sun coming out at all, but still it was nothing that could stop us in exploring the island. Due to the weather we spent less time on beaches and more time in our raincoats on the motorbike. We continued exploring the beauty of Bali and nearby islands. Last but not least, I decided to start this blog, in order to have a place to put all my tips, thoughts and perceptions about our journey.

Extending visa

As we had only 2 months visa and we wanted to stay longer, we had to deal with the process of extending the visa. In general, Indonesia issues a tourist visa for 30 or 60 days. It is possible to get a 30-day visa on the airport upon arrival or you can get a visa through Indonesian embassy in your country prior the departure. We knew that we wanna stay at least two months, thus we arranged 60 days visa through Indonesian embassy in Prague. However, after the first month in Bali, we changed our mind and wanted to stay one extra month, therefore we had to either extend our visa or do a visa run to some other country.

We choose the first option as we are planning to travel to other Southeast Asia countries anyway. The easiest way to extend visa is to find an agent that will help you with all the paperwork and save you some time of going to immigration office more than once. Thus we paid 750 k IDR to “our guy” here in Canggu and got our visa extended in 10 days. The only thing we had to do apart for paying was to come to Jimbaran to the immigration office to take a picture and give our fingerprints (all 10 of them which was surprising to me). Not a big deal for spending another month in Bali.

Living in Canggu – where to eat in Canggu

The longer we live in Canggu, the more we love it. We continued exploring more restaurants and bars in Canggu and here are our favorite ones. Regarding the food, we got used to local warungs that served Nasi Campur. This type of dish allows you to choose any ingredient you want from the selection, put it on your plate in the amount you want and then the price is calculated. As for selection, you can choose from different types of chicken, pork, beef or fish, different types of vegetable, eggs, soy or tofu. With that, you always opt for white, yellow or brown rice and that’s it. You can always order water, soft drinks, fresh juices or fresh coconut. All that costs on average 40k IDR. The tastiest food for the affordable price we found in Warung Varuna, Warung Makan Dido, Warung Heboh and Warung Bu-Mi.

Nasi Campur in Heboh

Nasi Campur in Heboh.

Living in Canggu – where to drink in Canggu

As beer lovers, we quickly learn that the most affordable way of drinking in Canggu is during Happy Hours and in Canggu, there is a plenty of opportunities. Our favorite places so far are Old Mans with happy hour from 5-6 every day with 1+1 deal on beer and cocktails. The good thing about Old Mans is the location with sunset and ocean view that makes every happy hour even happier. If one happy hour is not sufficient, driving to DeusEx Machina, temple of enthusiasm for another one might be a good idea. In Deus, that have the same deal until 7 pm. In addition to that, on Sundays after happy hours, Deus hosts a life concerts which are loads of fun to visit. You can read about other places with Happy hour in this post.

old mans

Famous bar Old Mans in Canggu.

Exploring Bali and beyond

In the second month, we explored the east side of the island that we haven’t been yet. During the first trip, we had been exploring temples around Mt.Agung and Mt.Batur with a plan to climb Mt. Batur. The other trip we focus on exploring more beaches in the south of the island. And we also jumped for few days to Nusa Lembongan. You can read about travel tips for Nusa Lembongan in another article I wrote. For other amazing places in Bali, read another article on the blog summarizing top places in Bali to see in a week.

view from top of Lempuyang temple

View from top of Lempuyang temple.

Top activities on the east side of the island

Besakih temple

Besakih temple is the most important and largest Hindu temple on the slope of Mount Agung. The complex consist of 23 separate temples that are built in levels. The temple itself is beautiful, however, we were forced to pay extra for a guide whose only responsibility was to make sure that we are not coming to the areas that are dedicated to praying. Given the fact, that the temple uses a lot of signs to warn tourists not to come to praying areas, we found this guide unnecessary. It was only a way to make extra money apart from donations that are voluntary but everyone has to pay anyway.

Our guide walked with us the whole time without knowing any English and completely spoiled our experience here. The good thing about him was that he truly enjoyed taking pictures of us with the temple. You can image that Martin really enjoyed posing every 3 minutes. 🙂 So in the end, we have like 50 pictures of us with different parts of the temple in the background.

entrance to besakih temple

Entrance gate to Besakih temple.

Lempuyang temple

Next temple we visited was Lempuyang temple. This temple was the complete opposite. Such a friendly people were working here. When they found out that we are from the Czech Republic, they immediately started using some Czech words they new. Donations for the temple here were voluntary for real, you just have to write how much you donated to the book of donations. This temple again consists of 5 temples that are scattered around the main temple. To walk around all of them takes 2 hours. The famous temple is the first one that can be reached in 10 minutes from the entrance. The views from the temple are stunning, thus this spot happens to be popular with Instagrammers.

lempuyah temple

Entrance gate at Lempuyah temple.

Pura Ulun Danu Batur

One of our favorite temples so far, we liked it so much, that we decided to put it on a list of top 10 places in Bali everyone should see. You can find all of them in my previous post. Ulun Danu Batur temple is in the village of Kintamani. It has been rebuilt after Mt. Batur eruption in 1926 that destroyed its original location. The temple is really colorful, not touristy and second important temple for Balinese.

ulun danu batur temple

Ulun Danu Batur Temple.

Hot Springs bath

We wanted to climb Mt. Batur but it was rainy and foggy at the time we got to the entry point, thus there was a really small probability of beautiful view. Instead the hike, we decided to get a retreat in natural hot spring bath that is close to Batur with a view to lake Batur. Much better choice than hiking in the rain.

view from the hot springs

View from the hot springs.


Village on the north-east side of the island is known for fishing, diving and snorkeling, beautiful beaches and hiking either Mt. Agung or Mt. Batur. The lifestyle here is much slower than in the west side of the island, making this place popular for holiday among tourists. There is Japanese shipwreck that you explore while snorkeling. Also, the perfect place to enjoy dinner with a beautiful view is a sunset point with a view of Amed bay and Mt. Agung.

amed view to mt. agung

Sunset point in Amed.

Have you been to East side of Bali? Would you recommend other places that should everyone see while in Bali? help me to make this list complete. Follow  not to miss any news and sign up to get more tips on traveling. Stay tuned for Bali in December edition. Happy Travels and do not forget to share this post. Sharing is caring :).

Bali in November

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