Bali: Month 1 of our Asia Trip

 Bali as a first destination of our trip

In October, me and my boyfriend Martin decided to change completely our lives. We left our homes in Czech Republic and head towards new adventures of traveling and working remotely. As soon as we made the decision to travel and work,  South East Asia immediately popped out into our minds. And because we always wanted to visit Bali, we choose it as our first destination on a 6 month trip through Asia. We saved some money, I quit my job, Martin got unpaid leave. We applied for an Indonesian visa, get vaccinated, bought one way ticket to Denpasar, Bali, packed notebooks, camera, swimming suits and few clothes, create a map where we put places we wanna see on our trip, had a farewell party and get ready to change rainy and windy weather for some sun.

Living in Canggu, Bali

So here we are with 2 months visa to spend October and November in tropical paradise Bali. How awesome is that? Soon upon an arrival, Bali started to feel like home. We got used to riding a motorbike in a crazy traffic, gone through obligatory little motorbike accident, ate local food in warungs (local restaurants), drank fresh coconuts on a daily basis, had our first surf lesson and step by step started living like expats here. Tip for everyone who is coming to Bali – get your local guy. Our local guy rent us a motorbike, showed us to some accommodation, and later on helped us extended our visa. He is the type of guy that does anything and know everyone, so he can help a lot. Another tip – download WhatsApp, everyone is using it here.

We quickly felt in love with Canggu a hipster place with great vibes that we even started to think to prolong our stay here. No wonder that Canggu has so many expats, it is just great place to live and we met dozens of people who are keeping coming back to Canggu every year. Canggu has countless hipster cafes offering tasty breakfast and all kinds of fresh juices. It is also a place with high saturation of organic, vegetarian or vegan food places and also you can find a yoga classes on every other corner. Almost everyone here has a surf rack on a motorbike, catching waves on one of the three beaches every day. Canggu also has a famous bars, Old’s Man and Deus Ex Machina, where everyone is heading after surfing for a happy hours.
Fresh juices in Canggu, Bali

What to know about Bali before coming here

In first weeks we were discovering new warungs, new beaches around, new places to see and identifying the main differences with Europe. As we didn’t know much about Bali before coming here, we identified few things that everyone should know before coming here, and I already wrote a post about them but just to sum up: Bali is an island of sweet smell of aroma sticks, hectic traffic without written rules, island of dazzling green rice fields and smiling local people. It takes time to get from one place to another as average speed on motorbike is like 40 km/h. You can have lunch for 1 EUR, full tank of petrol for 2 EUR, laundry done for 2 EUR and big beer during happy hours for 2 EUR.  Pretty awesome prices for what you get.

Working in Canggu, Bali

Apart from exploring island we had been working in co-working space Dojo in Canggu, that has perfect location just a few meters from beach, a swimming pool in the atrium and big capacity for digital nomads. Bali happens to be a favorite place for everyone who travels and works remotely thus the co-working space offers perfect opportunity with exceptionally fast wi-fi connection. There are also 2 co-working spaces in Ubud (The Hubud and Outpost)  but we likes Dojo so much, that we decided to stay here. For marketing lovers like me, Dojo organizes a great talks open to public, where you can improve your knowledge and get inspired by businesses that other members are running. You can read about first impressions of working remotely in the post I’ve written few days ago.

From the beginning we planned  to work 3-4 days a week and the rest time spend on exploring island. And in the first month this is exactly what we did. Our work week was usually from Monday – Wednesday, working from Dojo, going to Old’s Man or to the beach after work.

coworking space Dojo in Canggu, Bali

Exploring Bali

At the days we were not working, we got on our motorbike and went for a trips around island. We explored beaches and Uluwatu temple of Bukit peninsula with the most beautiful beach we had ever seen Nyang Nyang.

Nyang nyang beach

To switch from sunny beaches we went to the mountains, to search for the waterfalls and jungle. The explore like 4 different ones, and the most impressive were Sekumpul waterfalls, that you can see on the picture below.

exploring waterfalls

We visited Ubud, an artistic village with Monkey forest where mokneys are steeling your glasses, bottles of water or bags. Famous rice terrace and great temples around.

monkeys in monkey forest


We got amazed how this small island has all kind of things to offer. And how its natural scenery can be so different throughout the island. If you are coming to Bali for holidays, you can read about must see places in the post “What to do in Bali for a week“.

exploring rice terraces


Exploring Lombok

 At the end of the month, we decided to work even less (yes, haha it was possible) and went for a 5 day trip to Lombok and Gili Island. Lombok is still untouched with tourists, with endless, isolated beaches. Many say that it is like Bali 5 years ago.

enjoying time on lombok beaches

In Lombok we got to practice English conversation with local kids on the beach. We got to meet little girl with perfect English selling a bracelets on the streets. Bargaining with us to pay her better price so she won’t go bankrupt.(yes, she literally said that) Also, while exploring the most isolated parts of island, kids were shouting at us “Hello” or wanted to have hive five with us. Tourists in Lombok were still odd experience, complete opposite of what we experienced in Bali.

teaching english on lombok

On the other hand, Gili islands are already known with tourists, being favorite destination for snorkeling with turtles.

Also the beaches on all of the islands are white sanded with crystal blue water.

snorkeling on gili islands

On Gili T. we experienced the best food so far on night market. Nigh market take place every night and it is close to the port. You can choose from rich variety of food what you want. Locals will prepare it on a grill right in front of you.

Our first month went by so fast that we got shocked that we should leave in another month. As Martin has 2 months to study for Offensive security certified professional exam, we decided to change our plans. We get our visa extended and stay in Indonesia one month more. Happy Travels and do not forget to share this post. Sharing is caring :).

Bali month 1 of our Asia Trip

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