It has been already some time that we came back home to the Czech Republic. Therefore, in order to get our traveling soul in a happy place again, we decided to spend summer discovering the beauty of our home country. My favorite part of Czech has always been South Moravian […]

8 secret places to visit in South Moravia in summer

35 unforgettable places to see in southeast asia
We’ve just recently returned back from our backpacking trip around Southeast Asia and we are still full of it. In almost 7 months, we traveled through 7 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Singapore, Vietnam) and visited so many places that sent a shiver up our spines. Since our return, […]

35 top places in Southeast Asia every backpacker should visit

Hoi An is a small city in the central Vietnam, known mainly for its UNESCO heritage ancient city center. However, apart from cruising through streets of the ancient town, there are plenty of other options how to spend your day and fall in love with Hoi An pretty easily. Before […]

11 activities that will make you fall in love with ...

I am pretty sure that everyone who visited Southeast Asia got surprised by the quantity of people, animals or objects being transferred on a single motorbike. It almost seems that a motorbike is a magical mean of transportation that can get anything (including sofas, grown-up pigs or 150kg of rice) anywhere […]

Beginner guide to driving a motorbike in Southeast Asia

Co-working around the world
As Southeast Asia is very popular among digital nomads, on our journey through Southeast Asia we met many young people who travel and work the same way we do. They are mostly freelancers doing graphical design, online marketing or IT, or some kind of consulting but also entrepreneurs who have […]

Co-working, co-living while traveling the world

U-Bein bridge
After 2 weeks traveling around Myanmar, this country fastly become one of my favorite countries in the world. It only recently opened to tourism, thus earlier you decide to visit, the more authentic experience you will get.  Myanmar in the Burmese language actually means strong and fast, thus you better […]

10 reasons why yesterday was already too late to visit ...

Travel essential kit
So it is official, you are going to Southeast Asia. You feel anxious but ready. You are trying to be organized, but everything seems to be too chaotic. You are trying to plan your travels at the same time you are trying to figure out where to throw a farewell […]

Travel Essential Kit: What To Pack To Southeast Asia

Difficulty of farming
Going to Myanmar for holidays is one of the best decision you could take. The country will most probably take your breath away and you will be wishing to stay even longer. Many places are still off beaten path, thus 100% authentic experience is guaranteed. Myanmar is a big country […]

Myanmar a rough travel guide

National Mosque
Regarding the entrance fees for tourist attractions, Kuala Lumpur has been a nice change comparing to Indonesia. In Indonesia, we had to pay for literally everything that was perceived by locals as an attraction. On the other hand, in Kuala Lumpur, many things can be done for free. Kuala Lumpur […]

What to do in Kuala Lumpur for free?

Malaysia in 2 weeks
If you are reading this blog post, you have probably already booked your 2 weeks vacation in a calendar, bought your airplane ticket to Kuala Lumpur but still have no idea what the hell to do in Malaysia. Well, don’t worry, I am pretty sure that everything you decide to […]

How to fall in love with Malaysia in two weeks