From Bali to Langkawi.
After 3 months spent in Bali, we got super excited to explore new places in Southeast Asia. Thus, January was actually the first month when we traveled most of the time and at the end of the month we ended up in Langkawi, a hidden gem of Malaysian islands. Mesmerizing Indonesia […]

From Bali to Langkawi: Month 4 of our Asia Trip

How to avoid paying bank fees while traveling
Avoiding bank fees while traveling is one of the ways how to minimize your traveling budget. As you can see in the calculation below, managing your finance in a right way can save you more than EUR 50 a month. Oftentimes people just think about how much money they would […]

The secret behind avoiding bank fees while traveling

Kids on Bicycle
I was playing Pokemon GO a few months ago and I recently chased street art in Georgetown in Penang for a couple of days. From the second when I started searching for mural art, it reminds me times when I was playing Pokemon GO.  I was going through the city […]

What has street art in Georgetown in common with Pokemon ...

how to travel southeast asia on 30 euros a day
A lot of people have been asking me, how much does it cost to live in Bali or how much money is needed to be able to travel and live in Southeast Asia. Thus, I decided to share with you monthly expenses we endured during our stay in Bali. As […]

How To Travel Southeast Asia On €30 A Day?

The best words describing Canggu are happy hours heaven, hipster town, surf vibes, and organic retreat. If you are the kind of person that enjoy surf, beer, organic food or hipster cafes, you will fall in love with Canggu immediately. There is no place with a higher concentration of surf racks […]

5 Life-Saving Tips For Happy Hours In Canggu

Jakarta in 48 hours. 10 things I learnt
Jakarta is probably everything you imagine about big metropole, except it is much worse. It is huge, busy, messy, loud, polluted, full of people and cars. The 10 million capital of Indonesia is the economic center for the whole country, attracting people from Indonesian archipelago in the desire to find […]

Jakarta in 48 hours: 10 things I learned

Bali in December month 3
It took longer than expected but finally, I had time to write how was our third month of our journey. After we got our visa extended nothing hold us back from staying in Indonesia a month longer. We decided to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Canggu, Bali as we […]

Bali in December: Month 3 of our Asia Trip

Stunning Borobudur
      Visiting Yogyakarta was one of the biggest surprises on our trip so far. I was expecting a big, loud and dirty city with heavy traffic but Jogja is nothing like this. As locals explained to me, for a big, loud and dirty city with heavy traffic I would have […]

7 Little Known Things To Do In Yogyakarta To Get ...

Bali in November
Bali in November: the adventure continues The first month in Bali went by fast as you can read in my previous blog post, but honestly, the second one went by even faster. The official rainy season started in Bali in November, and the weather became a little bit worse than […]

Bali in November: Month 2 of our Asia Trip

lombok attractions
Lombok attractions: adventure and authenticity Since we planned to be in Bali for almost 3 months, we had enough time to explore islands that are around Bali. For those of you who visit Bali for more than a week Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan or Lombok with Gili islands should be […]

Lombok attractions not to be missed