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35 unforgettable places to see in southeast asia
We’ve just recently returned back from our backpacking trip around Southeast Asia and we are still full of it. In almost 7 months, we traveled through 7 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Singapore, Vietnam) and visited so many places that sent a shiver up our spines. Since our return, […]

35 top places in Southeast Asia every backpacker should visit

How to avoid paying bank fees while traveling
Avoiding bank fees while traveling is one of the ways how to minimize your traveling budget. As you can see in the calculation below, managing your finance in a right way can save you more than EUR 50 a month. Oftentimes people just think about how much money they would […]

The secret behind avoiding bank fees while traveling

Hiking active volcano: #5 on my Bucket list Indonesia is a country that has the biggest number of active volcanoes in the world. Only in the┬ásmall island of Bali, you can choose to hike Mount Batur of sacred Mount Agung. If those two are too easy for you, you can […]

Do You Know How To Hike Kawah Ijen? Learn From ...