Digital nomads

Co-working around the world
As Southeast Asia is very popular among digital nomads, on our journey through Southeast Asia we met many young people who travel and work the same way we do. They are mostly freelancers doing graphical design, online marketing or IT, or some kind of consulting but also entrepreneurs who have […]

Co-working, co-living while traveling the world

Bali month 1 of our Asia Trip
┬áBali as a first destination of our trip In October, me and my boyfriend Martin decided to change completely our lives. We left our homes in Czech Republic and head towards new adventures of traveling and working remotely. As soon as we made the decision to travel and work, ┬áSouth […]

Bali: Month 1 of our Asia Trip

Got a crush on traveling? Wanna travel the world? Or you simply want to change winter time for paradise beaches? Unless you are a millionaire, or already have a passive income you are probably going to have to work. But don’t worry, since you can actually work from whenever you […]

10 reasons why location independent working is great idea