The best words describing Canggu are happy hours heaven, hipster town, surf vibes, and organic retreat. If you are the kind of person that enjoy surf, beer, organic food or hipster cafes, you will fall in love with Canggu immediately. There is no place with a higher concentration of surf racks […]

5 Life-Saving Tips For Happy Hours In Canggu

Jakarta in 48 hours. 10 things I learnt
Jakarta is probably everything you imagine about big metropole, except it is much worse. It is huge, busy, messy, loud, polluted, full of people and cars. The 10 million capital of Indonesia is the economic center for the whole country, attracting people from Indonesian archipelago in the desire to find […]

Jakarta in 48 hours: 10 things I learned

Stunning Borobudur
      Visiting Yogyakarta was one of the biggest surprises on our trip so far. I was expecting a big, loud and dirty city with heavy traffic but Jogja is nothing like this. As locals explained to me, for a big, loud and dirty city with heavy traffic I would have […]

7 Little Known Things To Do In Yogyakarta To Get ...