Co-working, co-living while traveling the world

As Southeast Asia is very popular among digital nomads, on our journey through Southeast Asia we met many young people who travel and work the same way we do. They are mostly freelancers doing graphical design, online marketing or IT, or some kind of consulting but also entrepreneurs who have their own business and managing it from abroad. The thing they all have in common is the love for traveling and freedom to work from any place they like to.

We met individuals who work for a longer or shorter time in coworking spaces, we met couple travelers who work from cafes or rented villas and also we met groups of people that are working, traveling and living together usually every month in different place. The latter phenomenon was completely new to me, however, I identified it pretty awesome. How cool is it to work every month from the different country, to spend this time with like-minded people, to learn from each other and to enlarge your professional as well as a personal network?

Thus, I started to do a little research and I found out that there is already quite a many different opportunities of this co-working/co-living and traveling experience. As I was going through different sites for my own purposes anyway I decided to also write a summary of those, as many of you might find them useful.

The Remote Experience

Join The Remote experience and enjoy your perfect workaction. A group of passionate remote workers spends each month in the different city. Together they are chasing summer from Europe to Southeast Asia to Latin America. Choose whether you want to join from one month to 4 months of working and traveling around the world.

Price: starting from $1.900 per month for Southeast Asia region
Price includes: office space, accommodation, local ambassador, events, travel, medical insurance

Remote year

Join the community of 50-80 like-minded professionals to work, live, travel and share an amazing experience together every month in a different city for the whole year. If selected, following 12 months will be full of traveling experiences, as well as networking opportunities.

Price: $ 27.000 per 12 months
Price includes: transportation, coworking spaces, fee, accommodation, events

 The Remote trip 

Join Remote Trip for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months remote working experience. Each of that package, brings you to a different country and different experience. Great for digital nomads level beginners as they also offer The remote starter kit.

Price: starting from EUR 2000 per month
Price includes: accommodation, flights between destinations, workspace fees, local activities, keynote speakers, gym passes, yoga sessions

Wifi tribe

With Wi-fi tribe you can start every month a new chapter moving along destinations around the world while pursuing your career aspirations. Every selected member can choose from 1 month, 2 months or 3+months experience and prices differs according to it. Start a new wi-fi tribe lifestyle!

Price: starting from $ 800 per month
Price includes: accommodation, working space

Nomad Cruise

Boost up your business with a great network, interesting talks, workshops, and masterminds.  Enjoy the 15 days on a cruise with professionals from diverse backgrounds. Contribute to the community and the community will give it back to you. And of course, find a time for exploring some of the Carribean isalnds.

Price: starting from 775 EUR per 2 weeks
Price includes: accommodation, nomad cruise program, meals&drinks


You can also find more retreats, digital nomad spaces, communities and conferences in this article on Buffer blog.

Traveling the world while working hasn’t been easier. Join the digital nomad communities around the world!

Hope you liked the article, would you join this style of working and traveling? Do you already have any experience working and traveling the world? Let me know. Don’t forget to share this post or PIN it for future reference.

Co-working, co-living and traveling


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