From Bali to Langkawi: Month 4 of our Asia Trip

After 3 months spent in Bali, we got super excited to explore new places in Southeast Asia. Thus, January was actually the first month when we traveled most of the time and at the end of the month we ended up in Langkawi, a hidden gem of Malaysian islands.

Mesmerizing Indonesia

Right after the New Years celebration, we left Bali and headed by plane to Yogyakarta to spend few days there. Jogja is a cultural city of Indonesia offering many activities to do around. The most famous touristic sights are Buddhist temple Borobudur and Hindu temple Prambanan which we both visited. In both places, we got stalked by little kids who wanted to take selfies with us :). See the picture below for evidence.

Taking pictures with kids in Borobodur

Taking pictures with kids in Borobodur.

We spent one afternoon in an underwater world with props hidden under the water which was super cool. For the first time, we rode on a motorbike with both of our 70l bags, we ate on a floor of a street and we had to use body language to communicate as the level of English was lower in Jogja than in touristic Bali. You can find tips on what to do in Yogyakarta in my previous post.

Driving a paddle car

Driving a paddle car in Jogja.

From Yogyakarta to Jakarta

Yogyakarta surprised us a lot, I would definitely recommend this place to everyone who likes authenticity, cultural environment and energetic city. Jogja has it all. It was a complete opposite to the other city we visited – to Jakarta. Jakarta is massive, noisy, dirty and just unbelievable. The city is full of traffic jams and social differences. People are literally sleeping on a train tracks under the shelter while 500 meters around the corner Aston Martin showroom offers luxurious cars. This is Jakarta.

We got so lucky that we had a guide, my Indonesian friend from studies, who currently lives in Jakarta. She took care of us, showed us cool places in the city and made our experience about Jakarta much better. Without her we would be probably still stuck in a traffic jam. For everyone who plans to go there, 2 days for exploring the city are perfectly enough. Read about tips on what to do in Jakarta in 48 hours, in my previous post.

get ice coffee in Kopi Es in chinatown

Get ice coffee in Kopi Es in Chinatown.

Indonesian statistics

One day before our visa expiration we left Indonesia with mixed feelings. We loved the country so much, but at the same time, we were so excited to see other places and get more passport stamps. Just to recap our stay in Indonesia, here are some numbers:

– number of days spent in Indonesia: 89

– number of islands visited: 7

– number of kilometers rode on a motorbike: 2984 km

– number of kilometers rode on a train: 511 km

– number of kilometers rode on a boat: 227 km

– number of flights: 4

– number of motorbike accidents: 2 (both minor)

– number of occasions we forgot keys in motorbike: 10 (never got stolen)

– the amount of rice eaten: 16 kg per both of us

– the amount of fresh coconut drank: 9 litres

Chapter 2: Delicious Malaysia

From Jakarta, we took a plane to Kuala Lumpur and stayed there for 4 days. We lived in a Chinatown which was a perfect location to get to the city center and also to enjoy the advantages of Chinatown, meaning delicious food and cheap everything from a local market. Wanna get Michale Kors bag for few bucks? Do not miss this place! It was nice, for a change to use public transportation instead of our motorbike. It was nice to walk around the town on the pavement not to be afraid to be hit by car or motorbike. From the first sight, Kuala Lumpur is clean, business oriented and rules following city. Every little shop has business hours instead of opening hours and everything has rules. There are rules for using stairs as well as rules for riding a metro. Our favorite rule was “No indecent behavior”.

No indecent behavior

No indecent behavior, please.

During 4 days we visited main touristic attractions such as Batu Caves, Petronas Towers, National Mosque.

National mosque in KL

National mosque in KL.

We wander through Little India and Chinatown tasting all the delicious food. And on our last day, we got ourselves a retreat in an infinity pool in 37th floor which is one of the items on my bucket list.

KL view from infinity pool

KL view from infinity pool.

From KL to Langkawi

From KL we headed north to the Cameron Highlands experiencing driving a semi-automatic motorbike and getting lost in views of tea plantations. Afterward, we continued to Penang, the center of gastronomy and second biggest city in Malaysia. We ate Chinese food, Indian food, Malay food. We explore the city or went for a trip around the island on Vespa. In one day we managed to walk through the jungle, swim in a paradise beach, visit a beautiful Buddhist temple. If we haven’t booked a room in our next destination, we would definitely stay longer.

Enjoying views in Cameron Highlands

Enjoying views in Cameron Highlands.

After 2000 km traveled from Jakarta we needed some time to rest, thus we visited Langkawi, hidden gem island on the borders with Thailand. We were looking forward to this island so much mainly because they sell duty-free alcohol there. So for the first time in 4 months, we got cheaper beer than in the Czech Republic. Half a liter of beer costs there less than 0,5 EUR. You can imagine how that went. In addition to that, we met one really cool couple from England/living in Spain with a shared passion for beer, so you can imagine how much fun we had. Cheers Anna and Richard:)!

Beaches in Langkawi

Beaches in Langkawi.

Apart from cheap booze, Langkawi has beautiful beaches, nice nature, and fewer tourists, so we managed to relax a bit and get ready for more traveling. Our next plan is South of Thailand, Myanmar, and North of Thailand.

Hope you liked the article. What are other cool places to see on a way from Bali to Langkawi? Keep me updated for the next time. Happy Travels and don’t forget to share this post or PIN the picture below.

from bali to langkawi

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