What has street art in Georgetown in common with Pokemon GO?

I was playing Pokemon GO a few months ago and I recently chased street art in Georgetown in Penang for a couple of days. From the second when I started searching for mural art, it reminds me times when I was playing Pokemon GO.  I was going through the city with a map (instead of a smartphone) and looking on walls (instead of staring at the screen). Every time I found the mural art I took a picture of/with it as a reward (same as points in Pokemon GO) and I got this exciting feeling in my whole body the same way I did when I found a valuable Pokemon. Can you see the resemblance yet? And it continues…

So what else has street art in Georgetown in common with Pokemon GO?

Will you catch it or not?

Like in Pokemon GO, several factors play a role on whether you will find a mural art or not. It depends on how good friend you are with a map because some of the art is really difficult to find. (I never found the one in Chew Jetty). It depends on how good is your sight as some of the art has been already little bit devastated from the rain and the sun. It depends whether you are willing to use different skills such as asking locals where to find it or using the internet and other bloggers advice on how they coped with this challenge in the past. I really liked an article from PassportChop.com. They also created a map with all the murals that is really handy.

Old man on Gondola

Old man on Gondola.

Complete your Street art dex

Like in Pokemon GO, when you try to finish your Pokedex and have at least one Pokemon of each type, this is exactly same in Georgetown. You just can’t help it, you want to capture all of the pictures on your camera. Street art also has different categories, like in Pokemon GO. The first category is mural art from Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic who was asked to re-energize old houses with an art.

Children on Swing by Ernest Zacharevic

Children on Swing by Ernest Zacharevic

The second category is a project 101 Lost Kittens done by  Artist from Stray Animals group.

I Can Help Catch Rats

I Can Help Catch Rats

The third category are iron sculptures that are mixing a humor and historical facts and explaining in a funny and understandable way the history of streets and other sights throughout Georgetown. 

Iron Backpacker sculpture.

Iron Backpacker sculpture.

Still not convinced about the similarities?

Get up, get out and explore!

There are many other similarities that I encountered while running through Georgetown and chasing the art. For example, you definitely see other people around the town running with a map and camera trying to catch as many murals as possible. (in Pokemon GO you see people running accross the streets with their phones, sweeping everytime they sea a Pokemon around) Or it is not uncommon that you will get approached by other “players”, asking for an advice on where to catch this or that mural. Also it is not unusal to fell hopeless when going for the hundred time around the art you already found, but still unable to find the remining ones.

Playing kitten

Playing kitten from project 101 Lost Kittens.

All in all, in parallel with Pokemon GO, after few hours and few kilometers in your legs, you will acknowledge that it is not possible to find them all, and you will probably start focusing more on delicious street food than on mural pictures. 

Hope you liked the article. Let me know via comment or mail what is your favorite street art in Georgetown, Penang.  

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