How To Travel Southeast Asia On €30 A Day?

A lot of people have been asking me, how much does it cost to live in Bali or how much money is needed to be able to travel and live in Southeast Asia. Thus, I decided to share with you monthly expenses we endured during our stay in Bali. As many people are coming to Bali for a shorter period of time, I am also stating how much money an average traveler would need for a 14 days vacation for accommodation, food, and travel. Please note, that prices I am stating can always be smaller or higher depending on a comfort you need, type of accommodation, or places you wanna visit.

Don’t waste euros on bullshit!

Money definitely ranks among one of the main barriers when it comes to traveling. Expensive airplane tickets, over-priced accommodation, eating out every day, using a taxi or paying tours with guides to take you see places. Those are just some examples of items that make your traveling expensive. However, the truth is that you can still see cool places on an affordable budget, you just have to control your expenses and don’t waste money on bullshit. Also, another tip for the happy traveler is to eat at those places that are popular with locals, to use the same transportation as locals and explore the place on your own without an expensive tour guide.

Record your expenses regularly!

This is exactly how we travel and with this approach, we were able to live in Bali for 30 EUR a day per person. In order to record all expenses we used Monefy app, which we highly recommend, as the app groups your expenses into different categories, so at the end of a month, you are aware how much you are spending and what you are spending your money on. The only pitfall is to record all your expenses into the app every time you pay for anything.

So How to travel South East Asia on 30 Euros per day?

In general, we spent the most of our budget on housing and eating out, followed by expenses on co-working membership, as you could see on the pie chart below. All expenses are in euros and recalculated for 1 person per month.

Pie chart shoowing How To Travel Southeast Asia On 30 Euros A Day

How To Travel Southeast Asia On 30 Euros A Day?

Accommodation long term

In Bali, we have been living in a clean apartment with shared kitchen and swimming pool, wi-fi and cleaning service twice a week in the center of Canggu. It took us 5 minutes on a motorbike to get to the beach and 10 minutes to get to the co-working space. We paid a monthly rent of 4.150.000 IDR, which is around 290 EUR. However, monthly rent differs on a type of the place, but usually, you can find a nice place ranging from 3.000.000 IDR – 7.000.000 IDR. We also paid on top of it around 1.850.000 IDR for other rooms while we have been traveling around the Bali and its surroundings (like Lombok, Gili Islands, Nusa Penida and Lembongan). So in total, we spent on accommodation on average 420 EUR per month.

Accommodation for 2 weeks

Please note, that if you are coming for a shorter period of time, the average price for a room in 3* hotel in Bali is 300.000 IDR (~€21), but you can again find cheaper and also more expensive accommodation. So if you are coming for a 2 weeks holiday, you will be paying around 290 EUR for a room. But if you choose to stay in budget rooms, you can pay around 150 EUR for 2 weeks.

Co-working space membership

Because we came to Bali not only for holidays but also to have some work done, we decided to pay a membership in Dojo coworking space. The monthly price differs based on a number of hours you get ranging from 750.000 IDR (~€52) for 25 hours access per month to 2.700.000 IDR (~€188) for unlimited access. We got 100 hours plan costing us 1.700.000 IDR. However, this item can be avoided, if you decide to work from a cafe or from home. We paid on average 1.700.000 IDR per month per one person for a coworking space, which is approximately €118.

Renting a motorbike

To rent a motorbike is a must while in Bali, thus you should calculate with this expense as well. As we rented a motorbike for a long term, we got a price 700.000 IDR which is 49 EUR per month. Usually, the price for a daily rental is 50.000 IDR (~€3,5). So if you are coming for 2 weeks vacation, be prepared to pay 700.000 IDR (€49) for a motorbike as well.

Food and drinks

Eating out in Bali is not expensive at all if you are eating in local restaurants, called warungs. The price can get from 20.000 IDR to 80.000 IDR per meal depending on the restaurant (~€1,4-€5,6). We spent 4.100.000 IDR (€286) for eating out including drinks (beer for 2,2 EUR per bottle in the supermarket is quite expensive comparing to everything else) and another 2.300.000 (€161) on grocery shopping. That give us in total 6.400.000 IDR on food and drinks, which is 447 EUR per 2 people. Thus one person will spend in Bali approximately 223 EUR in a month for food and drinks. For a shorter stay, let’s say for 2 weeks you can calculate with half of the price for one person which is 112 EUR.

Traveling around

There is always a cheap option or more expensive one of traveling around the island. If you rent a motorbike, you can get everywhere for quite a cheap price, as petrol costs 7.000 IDR per liter (~€0,5). Or you can rent a car with a driver or a taxi and price will be higher. We traveled everywhere on a motorbike in order to keep the cost for transportation at the minimum.

However, exploring the island is not for free if you want to see the best places, thus you better calculate with a price of 3.000.000 IDR (€209) per 2 people/month for entrance fees, donations, and other means of transportation (boat to Lombok, boat to Gili islands). We saw almost everything in Bali and we also traveled to other islands such as Lombok and Gili islands, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and to Java to Kawah Igen volcano. Thus one person living long term in Bali would spend on traveling 105 EUR per month. Please note that very similar amount would be spent by anyone who comes to Bali for 2 weeks vacation as well.


Immediately after arrival, we bought a local sim card so we can use data. The packages are quite cheap as we got 4GB for 70.000 IDR including buying a SIM card which is 5 EUR.


So in the end, a cost of living in Bali for one month per person is around 900 EUR. (30 EUR/day) while 2 weeks vacation can cost  559,5 EUR for one person, as you can see on a pie-chart below.

pie chart for 2 weeks holiday expenses

How much money do you need for a 2 weeks holiday in Bali?

Hope you liked the article. Let me know via comment or mail what is your daily budget while traveling long term.  

Happy Travels and don’t forget to share this post or PIN the picture below.

how to travel southeast asia on a budget

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