What to do in Bali for a week

what to do in bali

What to do in Bali for a week-ultimate guide.

What to do in Bali in 7 days? A lot.

For those of you that are fans of places filled with crowds of tourists with selfie-sticks, I will disappoint you. At each of these places below, except two, you are hardly going to see any tourists.  As we stayed in Bali for 2 and half months we had enough time to explore all places that Bali has to offer. Based on that I decided to choose top 10 places that were completely incredible and that should be included on your Bucket list when traveling to Bali.

Despite 4.2 million of tourists that arrive in Bali each year, this small island is still preserving its culture and its natural beauty as much as it can. Of course, there are touristic areas like Kuta, that doesn’t have anything in common with rest of the Bali. If you want to get the right Bali vibes, then I would recommend to avoid those places and enjoy the real Bali experience.

Seven days is not a lot, but still, it is sufficient to see the best of Bali. Of course, if you want to get more intense experience it is better to spend more time in Bali. Below, you can see an itinerary, what are the best places to visit in Bali in 7 days.

7 days itinerary

First day: Exploring beaches in Bukit peninsula

Second day: Ubud and places around it

Third day: Waterfall tour

Fourth day: Hiking Mt. Batur

Fifth day: Surfing in Canggu

Sixth day: Relaxing at Virgin beach

Last day: Eating like a local in Jimbaran Fish market

What to do in Bali in 7 days?

1. Getting lost in Nyang – Nyang beach

Bali is famous for countless paradise beaches, that are around the whole island. But the best area for white sand, big waves beach experience is in Bukit peninsula. To get around the whole peninsula and see all the beaches, you would probably need 2-3 days. However, there is one beach that is definitely worth to visiting despite its difficult access. Nyang-Nyang beach is hidden from the reality and offers completely remote and isolated experience. If you get up early and head towards this beach, you will have it only for yourself. Take a water and some snack with you, as the place doesn’t have any warungs around. Similar beaches to Nyang-Nyang are Green Bowl Beach and Padang Padang (not the touristic one, see the map) all located in Bukit peninsula.

Nyang nyang beach

Abandoned Nyang-Nyang beach.

2. Wandering among Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Rice is view by Balinese as a gift from God and it is a symbol of prosperity. Therefore rice fields can be found all around the island with dazzling green color. The most photographic ones are in Tegalalang village, around 30 minutes on a motorbike from Ubud. You can spend hours wandering around the paddy fields, talking to locals and get lost in a magical green. Tegalalang rice terraces still using cooperative water irrigation system Subak that in 2012 fell under the UNESCO protection and got listed as a World Heritage Site. If you are rice terrace lover, you can also visit Jatiluwih Rice Terraces that are fewer touristy but equally beautiful.


View to Tagalalang rice terraces.

3. Refreshing up under Sekumpul Waterfall

Hidden in a jungle, but completely worth the little hike. Sekumpul is the biggest and most impressive waterfall in Bali. You can take a refreshing shower under the waterfall and amazing Instagram pictures. When you walk down the stairs Sekumpul waterfall is on the right side, however, if you go to the left, there is another waterfall that can be reached after 5 minutes of walking. Get impressed with a beauty of nature. For waterfall lovers, Gitgit, Aling-Aling, and Tegunungan Waterfall are another on the list.


Enjoying fresh water under Sekumpul waterfall.

4. Purify yourself from bad influence in Pura Tirta Empul

Tirta Empul means holy spring in Balinese and worshipers often come here to purify themselves in sacred springs from bad influence. During the ritual worshipers first make offerings to the temple and then bathe themselves under the fountains. Tourists are welcome to enter the pool as well, however, own sarong is required for that ritual.

pura empul tirta

Purifying ritual in Pura Empul Tirta.

5. Pura Ulun Danu Batur

The second most important temple and the most colorful temple in the Bali. Originally temple was built in the caldera at the foot of Mt. Batur but after the eruption in 1926 temple was destroyed and rebuild on the highest rim of the caldera. Temple is dedicated to the goddess of rivers and lakes Dewi Danu. Just around the corner of the temple, local man organizes in the evening typical cock fights, so if you hear enthusiastic screaming follow the noise and you can exploit this strange tradition as well.


Colors of Pura Ulan Danu Batur.

6. Eating like a local at Jimbaran Fish market

Jimbaran fish market is the best place on the island for seafood lovers. Wander around fish market and choose the perfect fish for you.Don’t get discourage by the smell that can be really intense. Price for the fishes depends on the type of the fish from 20k IDR for kilo for mackerel to 70k IDR for a kilo of red snapper. After choosing your fish, get back to the warungs close to parking slot and ask them to grill your fish in front of you. Then enjoy the unique dining experience. When you taste it, you wanna come back soon.

7. Enjoying Bali vibes in Canggu

Hipster town with ideal surf spots for beginners and pro surfers and with awesome Bali vibe. While in Canggu, get breakfast at Hungry Bird, Cinta Coffee or Coffee and Owen. Then go for a surf session. For beginners Batu Bolong is the best spot, for the rest Berawa of Eco beach would be perfect. Have a lunch in one of the local warungs: Varuna with best mango juice in town, Heboh or Dido. After the afternoon surf enjoy Happy Hours in Old’s Man or Deus ExMachina. In Old’s Man Happy hours start at 5 pm and last for one hour. In Deus, it lasts until 7 pm. Bintang time!

8. Watching Sunrise from Mt. Batur

Smaller one of two volcanoes that are in Bali is perfect for everyone. You do not have to be in a perfect shape to be able to hike it. Even though the hike is quite easy, you still need to go there with a guide as the mountain is sacred thus you should only entry it with locals. Price is  150k IDR for a guide that can go with up to 4 people. The starting point is in ToyaBungkah and the hike to the top lasts approximately 2 hours. At the top, you can have a small breakfast and walk around the entire crater. Take headlights, good shoes and warm clothes with you. After you finish the trek, you can get your sore body retreat in a natural hot springs bath, located nearby. The springs should be healing as they are coming from Batur.

9. Virgin Beach

This beach is hidden paradise. Even though it is already quite touristic with many local warungs and sellers on the beach, it still deserves and attention. Comparing the beaches in Bukit peninsula, this does not have big waves as it is hidden in the bay. With a white sand, crystal blue water and green cliffs around the beach has truly unique ambiance. Just ignore the sellers that are forcing everyone to buy sarongs, lunch, sunbeds, bracelets or massage and you will enjoy a day full of relaxing.


White sanded Virgin beach.

10. Monkey Forest in Ubud

The forest is a sacred natural reserve with three Hindu temples and 600 macaques living in it. You can spend hours walking on pathways from one temple to another and observe monkeys. It is allowed to buy bananas from local vendors and feed monkeys with bananas. Anything else is forbidden. Be careful with your bags, cameras, and sunglasses. These are the objects that monkeys love the most and will try to get it from you at every opportunity. Each temple is used to worship different God and temples are open only for praying purposes, thus tourists are not allowed into sacred parts. Price is 40k IDR for a person.


Walking through Monkey Forest.

Happy 7 days in Bali paradise. Enjoy your holidays and for more tips on traveling fill the sign-up form. Happy Travels and do not forget to share this post. Sharing is caring :).

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