What to know before going to Bali?


I have to admit I didn’t know that much about Bali before coming here, except the basic stuff like beautiful beaches, surf spots, and nice weather.  However, I quickly experienced what Bali is truly about and I was positively surprised. That is why I put together a list of 12 things that I believe are worth to know before traveling here.

1. positive Bali aroma

Right after you step out from air-conditioned airport hall, you smell kretek cigarettes mixed with aroma sticks. This typical smell surrounds you everywhere you go. After few days, the smell stays in your head so that you will always recall Bali aroma.

2.negative Bali aroma

The smell from exhaust gasses is unbearable. Especially on a hot sunny day when you are stuck in a jam, going on average 5km/h surrounded by buses, cars and other motorbikes.

3. 50 shades of green

The unbelievably green color is everywhere. Dark green in the jungle. Turquoise in the ocean. Light green from the rice paddy fields. Here green is the new black and you will get surprised how many shades of green can exist.



4. Hinduism is a lifestyle

Hinduism is not only religion, it is a lifestyle here. There is at least a small temple in every household, locals make small offerings every day and there are plenty of different ceremonies that even stops traffic. No need to plan to see them, they are happening everywhere.



5. Bali has it all

Bali is not just an island of paradise beaches. It has so much more to offer. Amazing waterfalls, jungle forests, active volcanos to hike, tasty food, fresh juices, sunset spots, sunrise spots, rice paddy fields, impressive temples. It’s only up to you to choose your way of spending a time in Bali.

bali has it all


6. motorbike is a must

Without a motorbike, you are screwed. I mean you can still rent a car, but you gonna spend a lot of time in traffic jams. Always wear a helmet as you could get fine for not wearing it. And also safety first.

7. happier than happy hour

The majority of restaurants and bars offers Happy Hours sometimes throughout a day. It could last for one hour or the whole day. You could get a 1+1 drink for free, or a discount on chosen drinks. You need to somehow incorporate the Happy Hour timing into your daily schedule, here you can read about the best places offering Happy hours.



8. Island of vodka bottles

There is a bottle of vodka and bottle of vodka. One of the most popular businesses in Bali is to have a stand on the street and sell petrol for a higher price than in petrol station. The most popular packaging to store petrol in is a bottle of absolut vodka.

9. Eating on budget

You can have a nice lunch for 1 dollar. I could not believe the first time I was getting a bill in a restaurant. And I’ve got a delicious mix of vegetable, chicken, and rice.

10. family ride

4 people can fit on a motorbike. It’s completely normal that the whole family of 2 adults and 2 children rides one motorbike. The most common style is that father is driving, the bigger kid is standing in front of him, than the smaller kid is sitting behind him and then the mother is sitting at the end of the motorbike, securing the middle kid.



11. Slow & Furious

It could take an hour to drive 20 kilometers. Main reasons for that are following. Heavy traffic mainly on Sunday evenings and work day mornings. Ceremonies happening on main roads. Vehicles with a maximum speed of pedestrian are commonly using the roads because there are no pavements. Get ready for this adventure!

12. Coffee from poo

In Bali, they produced the most expensive coffee in the world that comes from the digestion of Civet Cat. It’s called Kopi Luwak and it could be a nice souvenir for coffee lovers all around the world. You can also organize a trip to see coffee plantations.

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